Exhausting work

Tue 19 August 2014

Exhausting work

Not much done since last.

Been driving the old astra since I fixed it and of course the dual mass flywheel seems to have started to fail. Sigh. Stupid things. Who would design a flywheel with cogs and springs and stuff in it.

So now I'll probably have to rip out the gearbox from that one. Again. Argh.

Additionally the flex pipe on that car failed as well, hilariously enough right after I had it in for the technical inspection. I could hear it huffing and puffing as the inspector was driving it around but he never made a comment on it. Odd.

Cheap as a I am I decided to buy a replacement flexpipe as it's in a unit with the catalytic converter and thusly cost quite a bit. A flex pipe is about 50 euro from ebay so a fair bit cheaper all in all. Downside is that you have to weld it on and welding exhaust is never fun nor will it last in the long run. On top of that the only welding machine I have access to is a piece of junk I bought at the local DIY store for as little money as I could.

No gas MIG welder with a whole range of options. I have two current settings and you can even set the wire feed speed. Whoa!

In any case, really shitty welds later I end up with something that shouldn't leak at least.

So back it will go on the car once I'm done with the rest. It does get kind of roomy under there once the subframe is removed, which is really helpful for the hobby mechanic.

That's pretty much it for now, will be a while until I work on the car again.

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